Portrait of the artist

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I published a post? I certainly can’t.

A whole lot has happened in the last year which in turn has had an impact on the whole blog writing thing. I feel like I might now start to get back into it again (hurrah!) but I’m not willing to make any promises just yet, not least because the busy-ness of life doesn’t look set to change any time soon…

Still, in the interest of being concise (ish, this is me we’re talking about), here’s what the last year has looked like, both in terms of real life and in terms of sewing. I confess there are not pictures of everything as I discovered in the course of this post that I take fewer pictures than I thought, but there are rather a lot of links… Continue reading

Me Made May 2017 – week two roundupĀ 

Another week, another set of outfits. This week I’ve had days where I’ve come pretty close to not posting a photo for a variety of reasons as well as days where circumstances have meant I’ve actually posted two photos.

Outfits this week are:

Monday part one : Corduroy dungaree dress

Monday part two : lipstick Cambie dress (coming soon)

Tuesday : purple moneta dress

Wednesday : tiny hearts mortmain dress

Thursday : Turquoise Brighton skirt (coming soon)

Friday part one : African wax print shirt dress

Friday part two : velvet ball dress

Saturday : dinosaur moneta dress

Sunday : African wax print Anna dress