Elephant dress

Elephant dress

What is it?

A dress covered in tiny elephants

Is it blue?


What’s the fabric?

Not sure. It was a gift from the boy in 2013 to get me sewing. The fact it took until 2014 to cut it and 2015 to finish it is beside the point!

What’s the pattern?

Very Easy Vogue V8723. This time I reduced the gathers in the skirt and graded at the bust.

Where’s the fabric from?

See above!

What was good about making this?

Finally getting to use the elephant fabric. It also has pockets (as does the sweetie dress) and everyone loves pockets

What was bad about making this?

Despite changing the bust size I still had to remove a LOT of fabric before putting the zip in. Also, the fact that we moved house in the middle of sewing didn’t help as it meant it sat unfinished for about six months….

Would you make it again?

Probably not. Whilst I do like the style, I’ve since found better patterns that produce a very similar dress in a much clearer, better fitting way.

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