Green skirt

Green skirt

What is it?

A bright green dirndl skirt. I think of it as being my apple skirt.

Is it blue?


What’s the fabric?

Incredibly cheap polyester. Amazingly it actually works really well!

What’s the pattern?

The Clemence skirt from Tilly Walnes’ Love at First StitchI made it 60cm long as I wanted something  that hit below rather than above the knee

Where’s the fabric from?

The Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham

What was good about making this?

It was so quick and easy! Definitely a go-to skirt; I like how easy it is to change the pattern

What was bad about making this?

Unpicking three rows of gathering stitches and a row of basting stitches. I hate unpicking stitches.

Would you make it again?

Yes. Lots. See the polar bear skirt as the first of what I expect to be many other versions.

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