The Nani Iro dress of dreams


(A quick note: As you read this, I’m at one of the weddings I mention below wearing this dress (thank you scheduling!) and in these photos I’m at the other wedding. But that’s not really a story. This is the story….)

So I’ve mentioned before that last summer I was lucky enough to go to Japan, and, as part of that trip, I was allowed one visit to a fabric shop. The prize find of that haul was this piece of Nani Iro fabric, which I hugged almost the entire way around the store, too scared to let it go.

IMG_0607For a very long time I was terrified of even beginning to think about cutting it. Then I found out that I had not one, but two weddings taking place this summer and I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to finally pluck up the nerve.

So, one evening in July, I did a final press, laid out my pattern pieces with extra care and this happened….


What is it?

A shift dress with a pleated skirt

Is it blue?

The most beautiful sky blue covered in tiny patches of colour, some of which are metallic


What’s the fabric and where’s it from?

Uber dreamy Nani Iro Birdseye fabric from Tomato in Japan (although you can buy it online if you know where to look)

What’s the pattern?

The Mortmain. Because when making something that has to be exactly right, the obvious answer was to use my most tried and true pattern.


The dapper couple!

What was good about making this?

Finally cutting in to the fabric. I pattern matched parts (but not all because I was pretty tight on the fabric front…) of the pattern and was really pleased with how neatly they came together. In fact, in general, the whole thing was a very neat sew.

What was bad about making this?

The only issue was that because it’s such fine double gauze, the needle and pins would leave puncture marks in the fabric. Most of them pressed out, but it was a worry.

Would you make it again?

The Mortmain? Probably. Maybe. I might have overdone it. Although I’m not sure…

The double gauze? I have an absolutely teeny amount left, but I’m thinking about whether I can use it for the yoke of a shirt maybe?

At any rate, you know I’ll share here 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Nani Iro dress of dreams

  1. So pretty! I haven’t been able to get this pattern here but I have the new love sewing mag on it’s way to me and the free pattern looks similar.

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