Me Made May 2016 – week 4 roundup



We’re nearly there! 28 days of May are finished with only three to go.  There’ve been quite a few repeats this week but due to some particularly speedy sewing I also got to wear two new things which was excellent fun

I’ll be doing a final roundup along with my favourites and what I’ve learnt on Wednesday, but until then we have the following outfits this week:

Day 22 – green skirt (and the reveal of my tripod!)

Day 23 – strawberry print By Hand London Charlie dress

Day 24 – Aztec print Moneta with my Astoria jumper

Day 25 – highly inaccurate tube map By Hand London Kim dress

Day 26 – floral Mortmain and that Astoria again

Day 27 – floral Anna dress

Day 28 – gardening ready with my Sorbetto top


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