Me Made May – week 3 roundup


Three weeks down! When I set out on Me Made May, I wondered how long I could go without repeats (and I don’t just mean my expression…). Turns out the answer was 20 days (if we ignore the repeated skirt on day 19!) and even then on Saturday I pulled out my sparkly Astoria and had another different item to add to the mix.

This week has also tested my thinking about what I wear. For me, Me Made May was about wearing something handmade every day, but wasn’t necessarily about wearing something different every day for a month. Whilst I’ve still got a couple of items that I’ve not yet worn as part of Me Made May, if I’m honest, I don’t think I will. Some of them is due to their status as “dressing up” items (looking at you unicorn dress and leopard print cape) whilst for others, as I made them when I first started sewing, I’m aware of the fit (or lack thereof!) compared to what I now make and wear regularly.

What this also means is that for the last week (and a bit) of May I’ll be repeating (with the exception of a sneaky new make or two….) but seeing if I can style my outfits differently, rather than continuing to wear “new” items each day.

Here’s hoping I make it to the end!


One thought on “Me Made May – week 3 roundup

  1. You’re doing brilliantly! I’m enjoying your wardrobe and wish I had as useful a range as yours.

    I think it’s legit to wear outfit repeats in MMM, because we do wear repeats in our ordinary lives. I’m not beating myself up over my outfit repeats, so long as they aren’t massively noticeable (I have some fairly noticeable garments in my self-made wardrobe!).

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